On The Fence? Why You Should Invest In A Home Alarm System

6 June 2014
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If you're living with a crowded budget, making the decision to add one more obligation to the financial mix is not one to take lightly. However, even if you feel that your budget can't balance one more bill, consider what an alarm system can do for your home and, more importantly, you and your family. When you consider a home alarm system as an investment -- something that will pay you back in some form—it makes sense to make the monetary commitment. Still unconvinced? Consider the following reasons. You might even find a way to save some money!

Peace of Mind

One of the first things a home alarm system can offer you is valuable peace of mind. Your family's safety and security are first priority, followed by your belongings. In today's world, you already have enough to worry about. Why not surrender some of the responsibility to an ever-watchful ally? Even if the alarm never has to take action to protect your home or family, knowing that it's alert and ready to perform is worth it.  

Deterrence of Criminal Activity

According to Alarm.org, 90 percent of convicted burglars admitted that if they encountered an alarm during an attack on a home, they would abandon the attack. In addition, statistics show that a home without an alarm is three times more likely to be burglarized than one protected by an alarm. Finally, it's estimated that 74 percent of uncompleted property break-ins are due to the presence of an audible alarm. 

Home Insurance Discounts

Still concerned about a strain on your budget? Before you make an appointment for installation, check with your insurance agent about a discount on your homeowner's insurance policy. Insured homeowners who install security systems with certain features or designs can often get coverage discounts. The money you save on your homeowner's coverage can be applied to the monitoring costs of a home alarm system. It's a win-win.

Added Bonuses

As an added bonus, many home security systems offer other perks—some that are included in the regular monitoring cost. For example, you could be at work and know when your children have safely arrived home from school. Other options that may be available for an added cost—or for free, depending on the company and promotions—include smoke alarm and carbon monoxide monitoring, water leak sensors, exterior cameras or motion detectors, video clips and remote home lighting controls.

No, a home alarm system isn't free. However, as described, the benefits outweigh the costs. Also, various home alarm providers exist, which makes them more competitive in their offers and promotions. For more information on their deals, contact these providers and mention other local offers you've seen. So, take the time to shop around, and get the best deal. And, don't forget, you can always contact your home insurance provider to snag additional savings.