Why You Should Use Rigid Flex Circuit Boards

22 December 2014
 Categories: Technology, Blog

When you work at a production plant, you have many choices in terms of what fuels your electrical supply. One of the best choices, especially when a high volume of products need to be created quickly each day is rigid flex circuit boards. This choice of circuit board is the best for a variety of reasons.

Make Fewer Mistakes

Rigid flex circuit boards are not just pre-made boards you go out and purchase. Instead, they are made specifically to complement your design plan. As such, it's almost impossible for errors to occur.

These boards are geared toward and specifically designed for use with automated production technologies, so human error is no longer a factor, making them a great choice for any business wary of losing time and money.

Problem-Free Packaging

Rigid flex circuit boards also help with packaging requirements. Because they are uniquely designed to work with your designs and the products you are creating, perfectly sized and insulated packaging boxes can be achieved for each and every item that comes off the assembly line.

Shortened and Safer Assembly Time

With flex circuits operating off a pre-designed plan, it takes little to no time to assemble products correctly. Furthermore, since there is no need for actual people to deal with the wrapping and soldering of wires involved in the production, the risk of shock and other injuries is eliminated and products come off the line quickly and all ready to go!

Reduced Production Costs

As mentioned, rigid flex circuit boards greatly reduce the time to create items and also reduce error, both of which can cut down on costs. When products come off the assembly line perfect each and every time, there's no reason to worry about customers returning products and the costs involved with that.

Furthermore, since no connector units or solder joints are involved in this type of circuitry, users save costs by not having to buy these often expensive components.

Specific and Specialty Configurations

Finally, rigid flex circuitry is a great choice because it can be designed to your exact needs and specifications, no matter how unique. Just a few of the options you have when construction your rigid flex circuit board include:

  • Single combinations
  • Double combinations
  • An unlimited number of interconnections
  • Optional shielding
  • Surface mounting

It's easy to see that rigid flex circuit boards are incredibly versatile and efficient, making them a great choice for your assembly line.