Thinking About Cutting The Cable TV Cord? A Few Reasons To Think Again

26 December 2014
 Categories: Technology, Blog

If you are looking for ways to lower your monthly bills and are considering getting rid of your cable television subscription, you might want to reconsider. Before you make the cut, be sure you understand all that will be involved, especially if you use cable for your Internet connection.


Most cable television providers offer discounted rates when you use them for your Internet connection and/or your home telephone. If you are not using the cable for your Internet or phone, check what the bundle prices would be. When you consider the other bills you have that could be eliminated with a bundle, you may find you would save money going full cable.

Internet Limitations

Most companies that offer Internet services limit the amount of bandwidth you can use each month before either having your connection slow way down, or you are cut off completely. If you plan on using an Internet connection to stream television and movies to your TV or computer, you may find you reach that limit in the first week. If you have multiple devices trying to stream TV shows or music at the same time, you will find things constantly buffering. Most cable companies offer an unlimited or extremely high limit to your bandwidth usage. You can have everyone in the house online, playing games or watching a movie without worrying about going over your limit.

Channel Limitation

You may feel you don't need any of the movie channels if you are using a streaming program subscription. However, many regular channels are now making it impossible to view their shows unless you have a subscription to their channel. In other words, if you are not paying someone, somewhere, you are not going to be able to watch some of your favorite TV shows. If you go to the channel's website and try to watch it there, you will be asked for your log in information to your television service provider.

Multiple Bills for all the Subscriptions

If you want to have the same type of viewing options you would have with a cable service provider, you will need to have at least two, and possibly three different streaming plans. Add to that the cost of your Internet with unlimited usage and you will see that getting a basic subscription for television and a high-speed Internet connection with the cable company is not going to cost you more money. In many cases it may save you some.

Consider exactly what it is you will need if you cut the cable cord. Be sure you have all the prices included in your figures. Talk to the cable company about a basic plan that can be bundled. Having consistent, high-speed Internet with at least the basic cable television options is most likely going to be the best deal. Talk to a company like Valley TeleCom Group to learn about other options that may be beneficial.