Training Users To Use Your Program

15 January 2015
 Categories: Technology, Blog

Training can be one of the more difficult parts of completing a technology project because it is very likely that your users are not well versed in coding or the development process. Here are some tips on how to develop good materials and how to plan and carry out a successful training session.

1. Anticipate and list every step in the process

For example, if your user needs to log on to an account, show them how to do so. If they are in need of adding an event on a calendar, show them that as well. Though the process may seem very easy for you, others may not be able to catch on as quickly. You will need to lead your users through every step in a process in order to get their desired end result, and this leads to the next step:

2. List every step as simply and clearly as you can.

Some people may not know the keyboard shortcut on Windows to paste is Control + V, or that left clicking a button may offer additional options. You need to spell this out so your users get the most of your session instead of wondering how you got there. Many users are nervous around technology, so you need to make it as easy as possible for the user to navigate around your website, program, or anything else you have developed for them.

3. Provide copies of your documentation

Instead of relying on the users to take notes, make it even easier for them and hand them a copy of your steps. This way they can add notes if they choose, but they are not required to jot down everything you say in the meeting and hope they remember it all when they need to perform a certain task on your program.

4. Add some ways to allow your users to participate in the session

Allowing your trainees to take part in the session may help them retain certain information. Having the users answer questions every now and again can get them involved. Other ways to allow trainees to take part in the meeting include having them repeat a section you have just covered, having quizzes at the end of the whole session or certain sections, and having users give you feedback at the end.

5. Be patient and understanding

These users will be using your product, and you will want to give them the best experience so that they will be willing to return to you for future endeavors, so be patient and understand that they may have very simple questions or may ask you to repeat sections.

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