Comparing Laser And Ink Jet Copy Machines

4 February 2015
 Categories: Technology, Blog

Copy machines scan a document and then print copies of that scan, allowing for mass production of memos, papers, or documents as needed. Copy machines are used in offices, schools, and businesses for a variety of purposes. There are two main types of copy machines, ink jet and laser, both of which offer very different services to one another. Understanding the differences between the two can allow you to choose the copy machine that best fits your needs.

Ink Jet Copy Machines

Ink jet copy machines are the most common type of copy machine available and tend to be relatively inexpensive. They are refilled using cartridges of ink, which is used to copy additional documents. Ink jet copy machines can copy both black and white and color images, and can produce high quality color images. Ink jet copy machines also tend to be very small and can be easily incorporated into an office where space is at a premium.

However, ink jet copy machines have a slow print speed, which means that you may be waiting on your documents for a while before they are done copying. Additionally, ink jet copiers will burn through their ink cartridges, which have to be replaced fairly often and can be quite expensive, increasing the cost of your copy machine over time. 

Laser Copy Machines

Laser copy machines copy images through heat and toner, which is a powder, instead of liquid ink. The entire page is printed at once using an imaging drum and a pressure roller, which means that the page is copied extremely fast. Laser copy machines tend to be much faster than regular ink jet copy machines. Additionally, unlike ink jet copy machines, laser copy machines do not need to have their toner replaced very often. Usually, a single toner cartridge can print several thousand pages, which makes laser copy machines more economical in the long run.

However, laser copy machines are more expensive upfront than ink jet copy machines, which doesn't make them viable for small schools or businesses, or anyone operating under a tight budget. Additionally, laser copy machines do not copy high quality color images unless you get a professional grade model, which can cost several thousand dollars and is designed for producing professional quality graphics and artwork. This means that ink jet copy machines are better suited for applications that need colored copies. Laser copy machines tend to be much larger than ink jet copy machines, which makes them less than ideal for places that have cramped work space.

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