Your Internet Network: 3 Fun Things Your Network Allows You To Do

18 June 2015
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How complicated is your home network? If you're like most people, you might have a computer, tablet, TV, printer, gaming console, cell phone, and other devices all plugged into your network, which probably consists of a wireless router and maybe a home server. Unfortunately, even with all of these things plugged in, it's possible that you're not using your network to its full potential. If you're not doing lots of fun things with your home network, it's time to upgrade your router, set up a home server, and start enjoying these three fun things your network allows you to do. 

Multiplayer Gaming

With several gaming devices hooked up to your router, you can host a LAN (local area network) gaming party where you can play and compete with all of your friends side by side. All you need to do is have your friends bring their devices with them and help them log on to your secure network. If you have children who love to game, you can do this as an activity for a birthday party or sleepover. This setup not only allows multiple players to play at once, it lets more players interact with each other in-game at the same time.   

Stream All of Your Media

You probably already use your TV to stream movies and shows via one of the popular streaming sites. However, you may not be streaming as much media as you can on your TV. If you love to download and store movies on other devices, you may still be using those devices to watch your shows. If you set up a server and upload your shows, movies and music, you can access all your media files straight from any TV in your home that's connected to your network.  

Share Files and Games

Similarly, if you work from home or share documents and files with your family members, you can upload these and share them freely on any device in your home that's hooked up to your network. You can also share gaming files this way. So, if you're playing on one device, you can pick up where you left off on another device without losing progress and without having to use a jump drive. 

As you can see, there are many fun things you can be doing on your home network, provided your internet connection is fast enough. If you're not using your network to its full potential, it's time to upgrade your system and start playing. For a local internet service provider, contact a company such as Cologix.