Own A Small Business? Why Managed IT Services May Be Right For You

4 September 2015
 Categories: Technology, Blog

Small businesses need technology to be able to operate their company efficiently. You may not have the resources to support your IT environment, especially since you have a small business. Falling behind on security, installing patches, or performing backups can negatively impact your business. Below are some reasons why you may want to consider hiring a managed IT services company to help you.

Suggest What Services Are Needed

The IT service will visit your company and ask you to walk them through your IT department, showing you the day to day operations. They will then do an assessment and suggest the services that you need. You can then sit down with them and come up with a services package to keep your business going. Some services they may find you need would include things like helping your staff with software problems, network connection issues, and hardware issues, such as with a laptop, desktop, or printer.

Provide Security Solutions

You may end up getting viruses, spam, spyware, and malware on your computers. These things can greatly affect you because they will slow down your system, or maybe even completely bring down every computer in your company. IT services can install software that would protect you from these things, such as an antivirus software to keep viruses out. They will check to make sure there is a firewall and that it is turned on to block people from hacking your system. 

Work Remotely

Most IT services provide remote services. This means they work from a remote location and provide you with their services via phone, email, online video conferencing, and more. This is helpful if you do not have enough room in your company to staff extra employees.

Increase Productivity

Productivity is an important part of your business, and when you increase it, you can increase your revenue. A managed IT service company can help in this area. If your employees constantly have problems with computers and have downtime, this means time and money is wasted for you. The managed IT services can quickly take care of any issues as they happen. For example, a hard drive may fail on someone's laptop or computer. The IT services can quickly remove the hard drive, remove the data from it, place the data on a new hard drive, and install it back into the computer.

Having a service like this gives you the benefit of a fully staffed IT department without the extra costs of staffing the employees.