3 Benefits Of Choosing Courier Service

3 February 2016
 Categories: Technology, Blog

In today's world, it is not unusual to perceive the various mail and parcel services as all being different examples of couriers. However, it is important to note that courier services are often classified as separate and unique entities due to the specialized services they provide. Specifically, although all mail companies are known to provide delivery of mail and packages within specific time limitations, courier services are a specialized service that exceed the minimum standards commonly seen with other delivery options. Therefore, when you are planning for important correspondence or the timing of a specific delivery is crucial, it is a good time to consider the following reasons that a courier service is a better choice.

#1-Standard Mail Gives Approximate Delivery Times

One of the most common concerns associated with courier services is frequently the extra expense. Although undoubtedly the cost of a few stamps is much less than what you would pay a private courier or upgrading your delivery options from a standard carrier, there is no guarantee of when that letter or package will be received. Unfortunately, that means that when the item gets there late, you could be held accountable.

Almost everyone knows someone who lost an item in the mail at some time. When the item in question is a thank-you card, it might not matter, but obviously when it is an important medical, legal or contractual obligation, your accountability could be much more significant. In some instances or when you will be frequently using a courier service, it may also be possible to negotiate discounts.

#2-Courier Service Will Often Provide Evidence Of Delivery, Along With Appropriate Signatures, Quickly

When considering the need for accountability, it is important to note that you will also be able to establish that an approved person signed for the existing item. When the personalized service of a courier hand delivers something, it is common for signatures to be exchanged and the time to be documented. Therefore, if there is ever a question at some point in the future about the existence, timing or receipt of the item, courier services provide the extra protection that you would need.

In addition, it will also be helpful to note that recent technological improvements with many of the courier services now make that information accessible online, often very soon after delivery. In the event of loss or damage, you may be able to file an insurance claim so that you do not lose any money.

#3-A Second (Or More) Pair Of Eyes To Check For Errors

Unfortunately, many items wind up each year being delivered to the wrong address or never delivered at all. That is often due to human error, so if you have ever been in a hurry and reversed an address or used an old zip code for someone that has recently moved, that error could cause the item to seemingly vanish.

When you use a courier service, someone else will typically be double checking that information. It only makes sense that if it is important enough to worry about, it is probably important enough to use a courier service to deliver it.