2 Creative Ways To Camouflage Your Phone's Charger

15 June 2016
 Categories: Technology, Blog

Experts estimate that some 64% of American adults own some type of a smartphone. If you have access to a smartphone, you likely rely on this mobile device to serve a variety of functions. Keeping your phone fully charged is essential when it comes to ensuring that you will be able to complete your desired tasks, but phone chargers aren't always the most attractive devices.

Here are two creative ways that you can camouflage your phone's charger to help it better blend with your home decor.

1. Use a hollowed-out book.

If you really want your charger to be hidden from sight, you might want to try converting a book into a creative charging station. All you have to do is find a hardback book whose exterior matches your home decor, and create a space for your phone to sit inside the book while it charges.

Grab a box cutter with a sharp blade, and lift the front cover to draw a rectangular guide along the front page of the book. Use the box cutter to cut into the book along your guide, making your incision deep enough to conceal your phone when the book is closed.

Cut a rectangular hole for the charging cord to feed through into the bottom of your exposed rectangle, then place your new camouflaged charger near a plug to use in the future.

2. Use a ribbon box.

When you have multiple smartphones in the same house, charging can become a real eyesore. In order to provide everyone access to the charger they need without having visible cords cluttering up your home, you might want to consider camouflaging your charging station with an old ribbon box.

You will need a ribbon box large enough to house a power strip and a utility knife to cut a hole in the side of the box for the strip's power cord to feed through. Since ribbon boxes already feature holes coming out the side that are designed to feed ribbon through, you can use these existing holes to feed the connecting end of your phone's charger through.

Place the power strip in the box, and plug each charger into the strip. Feed the power strip's cord through the hole you cut and plug it into a wall outlet. You will be able to charge multiple phones without the mess of tangled cords to contend with.

Finding creative ways to camouflage your phone's charger will help you keep your phone charged without compromising your home's design. For more information about chargers, contact TYLT or a similar company.