3 Reasons Upgrading To Motorized Shades Will Improve Your Life

9 November 2016
 Categories: Technology, Blog

If you are thinking about changing out the shades in your house, you should carefully consider purchasing and installing motorized shades instead of regular shades in your home. Here are three great reasons why motorized shades are the direction you should take your home window treatments in. 

#1 Allows You Greater Control Over Out-Of-Reach Windows

Windows that are located up high or are out of reach because of the way that the furniture is arranged in your house can greatly limit the way that you use window coverings on these windows. When it is difficult to reach or access the windows coverings on your windows, you are more likely to be stuck with blinds that are either always open or always closed. You will not be able to open your windows to take advantage of the light or close them when you need a little extra privacy.

When you change out old-school blinds on those hard to reach windows, you will regain greater control over how you use those windows. You will be able to easily open and close them so that you get the light that you need, and you will have greater control over your privacy as well. 

#2 Allows All Family Members To Control The Windows

Traditional window coverings can be difficult to operate for young children, elderly and anyone who has a condition that limits their mobility. Typical window coverings require you to be agile enough to navigate to where the window controls are located and have advanced fine-motor skills so that you can operate the mechanisms that open and close the blinds.

Motorized window coverings can be controlled through a button, a remote control, and possibly even a smart phone application. This makes it easier for everyone in your home, no matter their abilities, to operate and control the window coverings. 

#3 Allows You To Increase Automation In Your Home

If you want to turn your home into a smart home as much as you possibly can, mobile blinds are one way to do so. You can set up and program your blinds via a remote control or application so that your blinds open up at a certain time of day to let the light in, and close up into the evening tip to protect your privacy. 

You can set up your window coverings so that they do what you want them to, every day, without effort. Although it may seem small, it takes away a task that can eat up your time every day and helps ensure that you get the light and privacy regardless of if you remember to address your blinds or not. 

Motorized shades allow you greater control over hard-to-access windows, lets everyone in your house control the window coverings, and can increase the level of automation in your home while saving you time at the same time. Contact a company like Jackson Hole AV for more information.