Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Phone Bill

30 November 2016
 Categories: Technology, Blog

It's a good idea to review your household's monthly expenses once or twice per year, especially if you're looking for ways to save money. If you're happy with your telephone service but you favor the idea of paying less each month, there are a handful of options at your disposal. You don't need to call your provider, get worked up, and threaten to cancel your service in the hopes of having the company respond with a lower rate. Instead, you can often reduce the amount that you pay for your home phone through these simple strategies.

Assess Your Long-Distance Needs

Generally, your phone package will have some specific parameters regarding long-distance calls. For example, you might get a certain number of long-distance minutes for a set rate, and pay a fee per minute after you eclipse the set rate. Take a number of your recent bills and check how many long-distance minutes you're using each month, and then compare this number to your set rate. If you're using, on average, far fewer minutes than you're paying for, you may be able to opt for a lower-priced long-distance package. For example, if you get 300 minutes of long-distance usage each month and you're averaging fewer than 100 minutes, maybe you can get a package that gives you 100 or 150 minutes for a set rate.

Switch Over Your TV Or Internet

Many phone companies also provide TV and Internet services for their customers. If your TV or Internet is provided by a different company, an effective way to reduce your monthly technology expenses is to cancel these services and opt for similar packages offered by your TV provider. You'll customarily get a "bundle" discount — that is, you'll receive a sizable drop in your rate for adding these additional services to your TV bill.

Chat Online During Peak Rates

Depending on your phone package, you might have different rates for long-distance usage depending on the time of day. For example, you may pay more to call out of the state during regular business hours. If you need to make a lengthy call during this time, consider online chatting. With an app on your smartphone or a web service on your computer, you can enjoy a video chat with your contact for free. This is especially advantageous to pursue if you pay by the minute for long-distance calls, as it will considerably reduce your long-distance usage and save you money.

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